Hello new dive buddies!

My name is Al Robinette and I want to welcome you to the Dive Buddy Outfitters Dive Tribe. #DBODIVETRIBE

My passion for the scuba diving lifestyle and community is why I started Dive Buddy Outfitters.

The scuba diving community is one of the few places in the world I have truly experienced blanket acceptance and coexistence as a community. The dive tribes I seen and experienced have been passionate about helping others, sharing advice, having fun, traveling, protecting marine life, growing our skills, and most importantly being safe.

I saw an opportunity to start an apparel company that’s all about scuba diving. I have seen many companies offering scuba shirts and designs all over the world. The vast majority are not scuba divers or in the industry. Sadly they also do not understand the unique experiences and humor that come along with being in a dive tribe.

I love taking those little moments that I experience or see others experience and capturing them into shirt designs that will inspire you, spark conversations, and bring back fond memories. We all know how much story telling occurs when divers get together lol…

If wearing one of our shirts brings a smile to someone near by, sparks a fun conversation between you and your dive buddies, starts a conversation with a non-diver to educate and encourage them to start a journey then we have accomplished one of our goals.  

Our mission is to bring humor, fun, social engagement, education, and build stronger dive buddy relationships around the world.

Whether you’re a family member, friend, dive buddy of a diver or a life long diver yourself our shirts can bring people together in a fun way.

Our company is based in the United States, and our products are printed here in the United States whenever possible. Buying from us you know your buying from a real American company based in the DFW area of Texas, not an overnight pop up shirt site.

We use premium quality T-shirts that are both soft and the right amount of thickness compared to other companies with low quality knockoff shirts.

Your support helps us build a brand that fulfills our mission and support a scuba diving lifestyle. 

Thank you for being a part of the #DBODIVETRIBE.